Casting Notice - Wishful Thinking

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Strive Theatre are happy to announce we are beginning the casting process for our next production Wishful Thinking by Shaunna Lee Lynch. The play, set in East Cork, will premiere in Dublin this September and will run in Cork in November.

We are currently casting three female roles. The casting process includes a series of workshops taking place in mid/ late June. We are looking for actors with both experience and training. Please see character description and more info about the play below.

Siobhán: Female, Late Twenties. An ‘unsuccessful’ journalist. Independent, strong minded, hipster. She has become cynical and fed up of late as her life hasn’t turned out the way she thought.

Mags: Female, Siobhan’s Cousin, Late Twenties. Mother of 2 young children. Strong Cork accent. As a remedy for a tough few years, she has found new age, self-help theories and is delighted with the rewards she feels she’s gaining. She is glamorous and loves designer handbags, fashion, fake nails, fake tan etc.

Angela Griffin: Known as ‘Mammy Griffin’, Female 50’s, Siobhan’s mother. Country woman Bohemian. Retired art teacher. She is now transitioning to a new stage in her life and is searching for fulfilment and meaning through more eccentric avenues.

More about the play: Siobhán is back in the nest, fresh from a not-so-successful stint in London. With a bag of big city blues and zero confidence in her career as a journalist, she returns to find East Cork has changed: Her Mam, her cousin Mags and the whole town are up to ninety manifesting miracles and worshipping at the alter of self-help. Looking to overcome a death in the family, while trying to re-ignite Siobhán's passion for life, Mam and Mags seek guidance from the power of the universe and lead us on a comic journey exploring the mystical and materialistic aspects of self-improvement culture.

If you would like to be considered for any of the roles please email with resume and headshot and “Wishful Thinking Casting” in subject line of email. If you are successful we will contact you with details of casting workshop and/or audition over the coming weeks.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks a lot...

Kind regards,

The Strive Theatre Team

The Strive: Live - Jazz/ Trad TWOAC Launch

Come join us for a bit of Sunday afternoon Jazz, some trad, a few poems and a bit of lunch to celebrate the launch of Strive Theatre's upcoming production of The Weight of a Chip by Ciarán MacArtain, directed by Shaunna Lee Lynch.

The Strive: Live comes to Fionnbarra's Bar on Sunday February 10th and will feature performances from members of the creative team as well as a host of local musicians. The event will act as a company fundraiser as well as a celebration of local artists working in community spaces.

There'll be some food provided, fine drinks available, silky tunes played and a raffle and all! What a Sunday!

Featured performers announced soon