STRY? Schools Initiative

STRY? is a programme designed to develop vital skills of expression in young people through developing student ability to convert personal stories and experiences into works of drama (spoken word, songs, short plays, poetry) for the stage. A secondary goal is to introduce students to theatre as a means of expression, entertainment and fun in which to participate and enjoy. The programme operates on the basis of a series of weekly workshops for a double class period. Designed for transition year, the programme runs with the ultimate goal of presenting a student production at the end of the year. This consists of short pieces devised and performed by the students. Experience confirms that it is often a very proud night for the whole school community. Strive Theatre staff have the appropriate skills, accreditation and experience for this important work. We have been delighted with the level of engagement the workshops have been met with by students and participating schools.

Currently, the initiative is being implemented in St. Patrick’s College, Gardiners Hill and in Colaiste Gobnatan in Ballyvourney (where workshops are conducted bi-lingually). STRY? facilitators include Hanan Sheedy, Julie O’Leary, James Costello and Ciarán MacArtain.

The 2018/19 STRY? Production Day will take place in The Everyman Theatre on Tue. May 14th and will include the sharing of work made throughout the year. We thank the Everyman for their support and can’t wait for the day itself!

Play Development Scheme

The Play Development Scheme is a three phase structure for developing new work. It starts with a reading phase whereby a script entering the scheme receives a cold read, after which the playwright asks all the questions of the reading team in search of constructive feedback, behind closed doors. There is then a rehearsed reading, receiving double-time rehearsal (ie 3hr rehearsal per 1.5 hour play) after which there is a panel discussion, in a similar style as is held in the TDC @ Triskel in Cork. These readings will likely stimulate edits for the writer/maker. This is the end of phase one, at such time there is a meeting between company and creator as to the future of the project. If both parties are happy to continue into phase 2, a two-week workshop is held where professional actors, a team of creatives and a director workshop the script with the writer/ creator in order to give them a full view of what they've written or made. Specific workshop techniques at this stage of development are necessary and part of what we are looking to develop, with a view to collecting a large variety of techniques that can be utilised in accordance with what best suits the artist. The third phase of the scheme is a collaborative production process, the structure of which is agreed upon in a pre-production meeting between the creator and the producing company.


            If you have an original script or concept that you would like to have considered for development by Strive Theatre please email with “Submission” in the subject line of the email to submit or “Inquiry” for more information.